scalaxb 1.4.0

SOAP/REST changes

  • Adds requestTimeout and connectionTimeout to DispatchHttpClients. #304 by @eed3si9n
  • Adds --no-dispatch-client option (generateDispatchClient := false). #322 by @liff
  • Adds --dispatch-as option (generateDispatchAs := true) for Dispatch's Http(request > as.scalaxb[A]) support. #332 by @arkadius

other enhancements

  • Adds --ignore-unknown option (ignoreUnknown := true) to ignore unknown XML elements, as well as order in which they are arrived. #310 by @jet-black
  • Adds --no-varargs option to use Seq instead of the varargs. #292/#309 by @lbruand and @Erwan56
  • Improves handling of duplicate enumeration values. #308 by @donderom
  • Refactors configuration into a sequence of case classes. #342 by @eed3si9n

bug fixes

compiler warnings

The code generated by scalaxb 1.4.0 should no longer generate compiler warnings.

  • Adds SIP-18 imports to the generated code. #294 by @carl297r
  • Removes "adapting argument list" and other compiler warnings from the generetad code. #321 by @liff
  • Removes compiler warnings from the scalaxb code. #335 by @justjoheinz
  • Removes postfix usages in the generated code.
  • Adds -Xfatal-warnings during the integration tests. #343 by @eed3si9n


A huge thanks to everyone who has helped to improve scalaxb by reporting bugs and sending pull requests!

According to git shortlog -sn --no-merges 1.3.0..release/1.4.0 ten people contributed to this release: Eugene Yokota (@eed3si9n), @jet-black, Olli Helenius (@liff), Lucas Bruand (@lbruand), Markus Klink (@justjoheinz), Carl Livermore (@carl297r), Arek Burdach (@arkadius), Joe Barnes (@joescii), @Erwan56, Roman Parykin (@donderom).