scalaxb 1.1.1

breaking change to commandline

scalaxb cli used -p and --package to specify both the default package name and namespace-specific package names. scalaxb 1.1.1 uses -p and --default-package for the default package; and --package for namespace-specific package names.

bug fixes and minor enhancements

  • Avoids type names that only differs in case. #215 reported by @drdozer
  • Fixes handling of xs:all with minOccurs=0 and nillable. #216 reported by @minettiandrea
  • Fixes xsi:nil="1" not parsed as nil. #217 reported by @aoprisan
  • Improves handling of chameleon schema. #102
  • Configures dispatchVersion to 0.10.1 by default.
  • Updates sbt-scalaxb for sbt 0.13.