scalaxb 1.1.0

breaking changes

  • scalaxb now generates sys.error, so the generated code will no longer be compilable under Scala 2.8. #115 reported by @idot and others.


A new key dispatchVersion was added to generate Dispatch 0.10.x compatible code #210:

dispatchVersion in scalaxb in Compile := "0.10.0"

libraryDependencies <+=(dispatchVersion in scalaxb in Compile) { dv =>
  "net.databinder.dispatch" %% "dispatch-core" % dv

bug fixes and minor enhancements

  • Includes offending data in ParserFailure message. #206 requested by @caoilte
  • Fixes handling of QName enums. #208
  • sbt-scalaxb sorts *.xsd to avoid platform variance. #207 reported by @caoilte
  • sbt-scalaxb generates code only when the xsd files are modified. #199 requested by @fommil