scalaxb 0.6.6

bug fixes and minor enhancements

  • scalaxb changes were made by @eed3si9n
  • Fixes generated default scope by adding back the default namespace. #91 reported by @martiell
  • Fixes toXML handling of xs:anyAttribute. #95 reported by @deanhiller
  • Fixes generated defaultScope when the schema is unqualified. #97 reported by @deanhiller
  • Fixes xs:any repeating namespace bindings by merging them. #98 reported by @deanhiller
  • Fixes handling of xs:any with namespace="##local". #101 reported by @deanhiller
  • Adds --lax-any to ignore xs:any's namespace constraint. #103 requested by @deanhiller
  • Adds --version to display help message. #106 requested by @deanhiller
  • Adds --attribute-prefix to prefix parameters mapping an attribute. #92 reported by ido
  • Adds handling of xs:include without targetNamespace. #102 reported by @berntan
  • Adds handling of locally declared namespace binding. #105 reporetd by gerri
  • Fixes round trip of parsed QName. #114
  • Adds default argument to optional, multiple, and nillable params. #113 requested by @OlegYch

wsdl/soap related

  • Fixes handling of wsdl when soap bindings is not the first element. #104
  • Adds handling of soap messages with attributes. #99 reported by @berntan
  • Adds handling of soap messages with soap headers. #100 reported by @berntan
  • sbt-scalaxb and mvn-scalaxb processes wsdl first.
  • Fixes handling of wsdl with empty messages. #93 reported by @mbroue
  • Fixes handling of rpc-style return message on soap 1.1. #94 reported by @dkhenry