scalaxb 0.5.0

  • Generates typeclass-based XML data binding code in a separate file xmlprotocol.scala.
  • Renames runtime package name from org.scalaxb.rt to scalaxb and the helper file to scalaxb.scala.
  • Fixes handling of <xs:all> containing >22 items (GH-10).
  • Fixes handling of <xs:complexType> containing >22 attribtues (GH-11).
  • Fixes handling of <xs:complexType> with <xs:simpleContent>, which restricts a mixed <xs:complexContent> (GH-12).
  • Fixes output instability (GH-13).
  • Fixes handling of circular <xs:import> by consolidating the XML databinding code into a single trait (GH-14).
  • Adds warning when <xs:include> item is missing from compilation (GH-15).

I'd like to thank everyone who gave me feedback and reported issues. Special thanks go to Debasish Ghosh for his inspirational articles and Andreas Sewe for reporting all of the above bugs.

The most significant change is that the XML data binding code has moved from occupying the companion object of the case class to a separate trait called XMLProtocol. The usage code looks something like this:

import scalaxb._
import Scalaxb._
import ipo._
import DefaultXMLProtocol._

val shipTo = fromXML[Address](<shipTo>
    <street>1537 Paper Street</street>

The shipTo would now be

Address("foo", "1537 Paper Street", "Wilmington")